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The theater begins with a hanger, and a new city for tourists - very often with a taxi. A trip to or from the airport - a separate adventure. For example, Brussels airport Queuing for a taxi can stand for several hours. Official company fail, but don't want to share, other firms in the market is not allowed. Therefore, there are representatives of unauthorized companies take turns and quietly offer their services. Fill the customers car and deliver to addresses. Prices do not wring, stick to the official fees from the airport to the center of 35 - 40 euros, depending on the address. Flag down a taxi is not acceptable to engage in private taxi driver is prohibited. Therefore, to stand with his hand raised is meaningless. If the taxi is free, it will glow checkered. In this sense, the most hassle-free city - Berlin. Because in Germany there is a surplus of taxi drivers. Experts believe that only in Berlin about two thousand taxis is unnecessary. Therefore, drivers often have to scour the search for clients on the streets.

The cheapest taxi in Europe - in Lisbon, where the standard day length of seven kilometers worth 8 euros. The title of the most expensive argue Zurich, Switzerland and the capital of England - London. There is the same trip can cost 30 to 40 euros. Thus London taxi drivers, tourists consider the most welcoming. In a special survey of travelers named by the famous British cabs the safest in the world. Which is not surprising. To obtain the license of the taxi driver in the capital of the UK need to unlearn three years. Welcome to Fake Taxi where reality meets the road in the best ways possible. Faketaxi will show you that No Money No Problem really means just that when you need a ride.
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